Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka.

Selamat Hari Merdeka.

apa itu merdeka?

perkataan merdeka itu sendiri just too general. luas maksudnya

lain orang lain pengertian dalam kamus mereka.

walaupun malaysia merdeka hari ini, aku tidak.

buka saja facebook, semua complain pasal test, presentation.

betul, aku sibuk betul minggu ini.

so much for merdeka weeks aye?

esok ada test OSHA and currently with 0 knowledge. 

wish me luck ok

selamat hari merderka. salam ramadhan. amin.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

im no superman.

i dont have any schwarzenegger's body part.

i dont have techniques to conquered the ball.

i dont have talent to write romantic essays just to win a girl's heart.

i dont have this.

no, i dont have that.


F U!

i can turn this :( to downside up!

and F U!

i can win your laughs bruv!

Monday, August 23, 2010

aggro vs tactical.

this is the result of aggresive gameplay vs tactical. enjoy

joker shud stay joker?

do i really dont deserve anyone?

even when im convinced them that im serious, they wont believe me.

more over, in relationship.

shish, this is the worst cursed has ever put on me.

and what do u feel when 1 day u stand up and start asking, "do i have a chance?"

and she said. "no, you're a joke!"

pity. :(

joker should stay as joker eyh?

i knew it lah!!!

i knew it!i knew it!just now, i entered RM class. She was so angry because we doing quite bad in the latest test mostly on theoretical framework's part. So she draw this arrow and this arrow on the white board, and start asking to plot where to put the MV,DV or the IVV. i was suprised she was pointing at me. She said.."azizul, can you show us where is the MV, DV, the IVV" i was blanked out for a moment. d f?why me? my friend said, you must be got the highest one on this and i replied..yeah ya la tu...

then, i go infront and plot it with some help of my friends, then ada mcm 2 or 3 mistakes la after that..i knew it she let me did that and calling out my name on purpose coz obviously i got the LOWEST marks on that part..but diam2 je la. bukan orang i becoming her new FAVOURITE student in RM class.

d f la...i tot the test more like fakta punya but it turned out to be jenis aplikasi one..hais..i should check the last exam paper 1st before doing it lah..

oh well, as for that, we got a new replacement class because the lecturer said before the test "kalau korang pass benda ni, replacement kelas x ada, deal?" la skg..1 kelas result buruk. LMFAO. selamat berposa :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010


currently sahor. eating grab mi perisa kari.  now the time is 4.00 am and my class start at 8.30..and im not sleeping yet...oh i did, pukul 11 tadi...well, fark this topic cuz i got nothing to write on. :/. selamat bersahur dan selamat berpuasa. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I dont know chinese

seriously, i dont know chinese so stop comment in chinese language but not being a racism tho. i guess theres no use of telling this coz i think the comment was a SPAM. backoff spammer!who d hell are you?any1 know how to stop this chinese spam thing?i cannot use d f word now coz ramadhan already starting. Happy ramadhan and pls stop spamming. thx.