Saturday, October 30, 2010


so, this is what actually happened to me today. not remembering to bring your exam's slip, its ok, u can always use ur IC or Student card but forgot to bring your pencil box?THAT IS SOME BIG SIN YOU KNOW!

so, i was sent by Helmi today to the exam, one of my housemate (btw thanx mi) and then, moments later, i got a phone called. "dik, adik lupa bawak pencil box" so i was like, "f it man!leave it there. hohohoh!!"
i was starting to talk big thinking that i can always borrowed from nina or abang shahrul later which i actually borrowed nina's pen haha!and then thinking i was safe from the point on.. hihi. but then...i was wrong...

after i sat and start doing the exam, dizaster came. the ink from the pen wont came out, well, it did actually, but not entirely. it was like creating a dot line. sometimes it came, sometimes not. chipsmore!!so i was like "come on, dont be shy, i wont harm ya!" this is what my face looks like during that moment -->  >:) .

so i spent 45 minutes on question 1.. A! i lookat the clock, i was like WHAT THE PARGGG!!????WHAT THE HELL IVE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 45 MINUTES??!!i really wanted to borrow from abang shahrul at the back, but the security system just wont let is similar like  how Man U defending last night against the hotspurs.

i starting to curse more and more. "belacan, sayur,arnab,jirafa!"if im not passed in this paper this sem, i ll sent santau to the pen that i, i try to act cool, thinking and said to myself " i can do this on time, i can!"

not long after that, i remembered there's an unused pen's ink in my bag. so i went out to the bathroom, and went to take the ink. i came back, and replaced the ink. YES IT WORKS!!!!

looking at the clock, it was 10.30,ive been doing sheity things for the passed 1 hour and half yet i still stuck at Question 2. OMG!OMG!im trying to calm down that time and do things in peaceful way...and then its blackd out!WATHEPARGGGG!!!!!what cursed has been put to me today? tolonglah hamba mu Ya Allah!

moments later, the light back on, i continued writing at the speed of Chuck Norris!not at the speed of light ok?and eventually, i managd  to finished it on time. but when i opened back the paper, it was like a 12 years old's writing. i dont mind man!screww youuu!

i went back and feeling down. :/ but on my way back, i saw Naddya, so i was telling her that he already become skinny. At the point when her face allready changed where she probably cannot believe either, i told her "taikkklaahhh!jgn perasannn!!"and i got backhand by her. :/. but glad to see her after such a long time tho.

and remember kids, ALWAYS BRING YOUR BOX PENCIL if dont want to end up like me! peace and out, last but not least, gud luck. may Allah bless you guys :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

enemy in the blanket?

enemy in the blanket.

air yang tenang jangan di sangka tak ada buaya.

dont judge book by its cover.

all of these, suits well to my new ROOMATE!

you can probably win an oscar awards with your acting skills.

300 that i gave was a mistake.

pay me back or pay with blood.

we hunger for blood.

watch the f out old man!