Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013 Post?

OMG, havent update blog for AGES man!AGES!
Oh well, hows your life?how it goes?
Many things happened to me recently, lots of them.
Last time i update, i was till in University.
Its been like what?2 years?3 years?
I guess time flies lyka g-6 hah? ba-dum-tss!
Speaking of U.
I really miss University tho..the view,friends,lectures,activities, what a golden moments.
but yeah..perhaps, we have to move on and adventure new things in this life.
Life is like a rollercoaster for me (am i spelling it right?I DONT CAREE!haha)
I will tell you about whats been going on to me up til this day.
not this time bro,
I will tell you tomorrow. its 2:14 A.M now, Allah, i need some sleep
I have to update my ASB tomorrow,mau bayar kedai.
YESS kedai!which the story about my store will be including in my next post.
hope you guys senantiasa sihat. Salam!

shoot!so many spammers on my chatbox. izit usally that way? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya dan selamat hari merdeka.

salam ramadhan..
erk?dah habis?Raya kah skg?OI RAYA OI!HAHAHA
asalamualaikum dan salam aidilfitri, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin dari hujung rambut ke hujung jalan raya. betul kah? lebih kurang la kan. x sangka plak raya and merdeka day jatuh pada tanggal yg sama.
ok la tak sama la..raya jatuh sehari lagi awal. big deal =,=''
jikalau demikian...
selamat hari merdeka ke 54 jgak la buat warga Malaysia.
rasa lama bebenor x update blog.
well, aku ada buat short movie ntuk raya kali ni. i donno what to call it, so i juz call it short movie la k.
basically the video is about me beraya dekat kampung and d bandar. later la kuar dalam 1 minggu,
nak kene edit sini sana lagi kan?
but so far my raya has been different.
different! orang pegi beraya aku pegi waterfall dekat poring tu
it took us like 3 hours alltogether turun naik. sakit kaki o!
kena gigit pacat 4 ekor kalau x silap
rasa mcm superstar la!hahaa...sbb masuk hutan pakai selipar ngan skinny jean, bapak TYCO!HAHAA
sorry i dont get many pictures of myself during that time. i want to take the pacat punya picture, but my camera punya bateri just died :(. pity right.
anyway, enjoy ur raya guys and also merdeka day.
logging out. will be updating more with pictures :D

Thursday, May 19, 2011



thats the word..

why is the world full of suprises?

scary innit?

last night, i watched "megan is missing"

which my friend said the movie is gila babi.

so i watched...

at the beginning it was okay...

until the time when she was kidnapped.

she was torchered and raped for many times..

and there was a time they show the picture of her..

freaking creepy and freaking sad wei..:/

what kind of sick fck done this thing?

later amy was also kidnapped and buried alive.


i lost my appetite since then.

today was a different story...

theres this girl's birthday pop up on my profile.

so when i was about to wish her for birthday

lots of comments saying, alfatihah buat arwah..

i was like.. OMGGGGGG?

this is shocking right? right?

i just comment on her wall saying hb and alfatihah ntuk mu.

altho i did not know her, but somehow i feel sad and pity for her.


smoga d tempatkan dalam golongan orang yg beriman la kan..amin..

so many suprises la these days.

i hope it happened for a reason.

logging out :).

Monday, May 9, 2011


now the time is 7.30

i havent sleep since 1.30

actually i got exam this morning

donno la stadi punya stadi, x masuk2 jgak.

try pakai kbkk la.

but people usually will find something funny just to cheer them up when they stress.

people keep doing that, i donno la, maybe its in our nature.

anyway, myself pun x ketinggalan jgak

i found this picture when i belek2 facebook kawan smlm

not stalker ok, just tertengok apsal profile pic dia funny.

just want to share with you guys.

anyway wish me luck ok

this is my last paper.

hopefully i do well.

Insya Allah.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

if you stress, play game?HELL NO!

some people always said

when they stress, some might go eating or fishing or whatever right?..

and some also said playing game?(computer games, ps)

not a good option bro!HELL NO!

for example lah..

"aku stress la hari ini, hari ini nak main DOTA/CS la"

while playing..

-You just been slain by player4-

-Balbar HEADSHOTTAD you-

and you was like


other player - "haha noob, dont play la"trolling.

and you - "YOURE DEAD YOU LANSI SON OF A &*(&(*&*(&"

hentam meja, hentam dinding. emo

last2 ragequit.

and yes...

there goes your answer for release tension kan?

if you a kind of guy that easily emo, better dont play this type of game.

especially multiplayer games when you play with other users over the internet.

and yah, im not saying all games

only certain of them just like the above.

hati2 :). you might ended up gila

contoh maphack for dota.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden is dead?

i woke up this morning and i went to my lappy..

open my fb then many status about Osama's death.

i googling and i dont know whether its true or not. coz i havent see the pic. his face i mean.

now american top 1 terrorist in American is now dead. they waited for at least 1 decade and finally found him dead.

now what? America has to find someone new to blame? Justin Bieber i think now is a suitable candidate :D

when im fb-ing just now..ya..ya..i know i have PM paper tomoro la, but tension kan?

i found this..

funny as fck la..

just lepak with nanat and chubby just now..have a great time with them..thx 4 d chendol k ;D, love ya guys..and NANAT,ko tidak kirim salam ngan KAZEN ko..or roomate....frust aku!

hoping for better luck tomorrow guys, god bless you all and gud luck :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

another useless post

2:51 in the morning

actually have no idea to write

just to let u know that chelsea are 6 points behind United.

aja2 fighting blues

KTBFFH!in Ancelotti, we trust =)