Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden is dead?

i woke up this morning and i went to my lappy..

open my fb then many status about Osama's death.

i googling and i dont know whether its true or not. coz i havent see the pic. his face i mean.

now american top 1 terrorist in American is now dead. they waited for at least 1 decade and finally found him dead.

now what? America has to find someone new to blame? Justin Bieber i think now is a suitable candidate :D

when im fb-ing just now..ya..ya..i know i have PM paper tomoro la, but tension kan?

i found this..

funny as fck la..

just lepak with nanat and chubby just now..have a great time with them..thx 4 d chendol k ;D, love ya guys..and NANAT,ko tidak kirim salam ngan KAZEN ko..or roomate....frust aku!

hoping for better luck tomorrow guys, god bless you all and gud luck :D

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