Wednesday, May 4, 2011

if you stress, play game?HELL NO!

some people always said

when they stress, some might go eating or fishing or whatever right?..

and some also said playing game?(computer games, ps)

not a good option bro!HELL NO!

for example lah..

"aku stress la hari ini, hari ini nak main DOTA/CS la"

while playing..

-You just been slain by player4-

-Balbar HEADSHOTTAD you-

and you was like


other player - "haha noob, dont play la"trolling.

and you - "YOURE DEAD YOU LANSI SON OF A &*(&(*&*(&"

hentam meja, hentam dinding. emo

last2 ragequit.

and yes...

there goes your answer for release tension kan?

if you a kind of guy that easily emo, better dont play this type of game.

especially multiplayer games when you play with other users over the internet.

and yah, im not saying all games

only certain of them just like the above.

hati2 :). you might ended up gila

contoh maphack for dota.

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aku zue said...

jijul..update la regularly..hee stress ak baca blog yg update sebulan skali..hahaha

anyway, lama dah nk comment, tp choose to be silent reader..hee