Thursday, May 19, 2011



thats the word..

why is the world full of suprises?

scary innit?

last night, i watched "megan is missing"

which my friend said the movie is gila babi.

so i watched...

at the beginning it was okay...

until the time when she was kidnapped.

she was torchered and raped for many times..

and there was a time they show the picture of her..

freaking creepy and freaking sad wei..:/

what kind of sick fck done this thing?

later amy was also kidnapped and buried alive.


i lost my appetite since then.

today was a different story...

theres this girl's birthday pop up on my profile.

so when i was about to wish her for birthday

lots of comments saying, alfatihah buat arwah..

i was like.. OMGGGGGG?

this is shocking right? right?

i just comment on her wall saying hb and alfatihah ntuk mu.

altho i did not know her, but somehow i feel sad and pity for her.


smoga d tempatkan dalam golongan orang yg beriman la kan..amin..

so many suprises la these days.

i hope it happened for a reason.

logging out :).

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