Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013 Post?

OMG, havent update blog for AGES man!AGES!
Oh well, hows your life?how it goes?
Many things happened to me recently, lots of them.
Last time i update, i was till in University.
Its been like what?2 years?3 years?
I guess time flies lyka g-6 hah? ba-dum-tss!
Speaking of U.
I really miss University tho..the view,friends,lectures,activities, what a golden moments.
but yeah..perhaps, we have to move on and adventure new things in this life.
Life is like a rollercoaster for me (am i spelling it right?I DONT CAREE!haha)
I will tell you about whats been going on to me up til this day.
not this time bro,
I will tell you tomorrow. its 2:14 A.M now, Allah, i need some sleep
I have to update my ASB tomorrow,mau bayar kedai.
YESS kedai!which the story about my store will be including in my next post.
hope you guys senantiasa sihat. Salam!

shoot!so many spammers on my chatbox. izit usally that way? 

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ANR said...

zoolllll... omg, u still alive. hahahaha masih bernyawa kau. so apa cerita? please lah kasi update ini blog. kasi tau kau punya story semua.

biarlah kita jauh dipisahkan Laut China Selatan, tapi blog/fb/twitter merapat kan silaturahim. #eh